KenCast, Inc.

290 Harbor Drive
Stamford, CT 06902
United States of America

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* Make KenCast products for content distribution simple to use and inexpensive enough, so that an increasing base of enterprises find it economical to use to distribute content directly to their user base worldwide.

* Continue to build upon the Fazzt software tools and hardware appliances that provide reliable, secure, and efficient transmission capability to major enterprises, military forces, public safety agencies, carriers, and equipment vendors, particularly in Mission-Critical applications.

* Maintain and enhance KenCast software tools to enable an increasing array of Internet functionality for our customers.

* Work with the major carriers and equipment vendors to service the Internet market for bulk delivery of files, especially very large files, and live streams of IPTV to ISPs, Web sites, Corporate Intranets, and directly to Homes.

Provide open, flexible, innovative terrestrial network capability to Multimedia Publishers to enable them to easily captured and deliver files and live streams, by wire and wireless, from source to final user.