Challenger Cable Sales is a distributor of cable modem and customer premise equipment to the broadband and CATV industries.

Our products include:
* Cable modem Power Adapters
* High Definition Cables such as Component Video, DVI and HDMI cables
* Audio/Video Cables including RCA cables and Digital Audio Cable
* Power Cords for Motorola and Scientific Atlanta Set Top boxes
* Cable Modem Accessories - CAT5 Jumpers and USB Jumpers
* Cabling Kits for High Definition and Modem Installation
* Rayovac Batteries and Remote Controls
* Coaxial jumpers of all types
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ChallengerOptics is the optical test equipment division of Challenger Cable.
We have a complete line of wavelength specific (DWDM & CWDM) optical test for use in all Networks
Fiber Deep, Metro-E, Celltower back haul, Remote-Phy, Node segmentation networks all use DWDM/CWDM for added capacity.

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* DWDM and CWDM Optical Power Meters:
* DWDM and CWDM Optical Laser Sources
* MPO Power Meters and Laser Sources