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ATX Networks designs, manufactures, markets & delivers a broad range of IPTV & CATV digital video solutions to the global cable television industry, & PVNs (Private Video Networks). Sectors served include cable operators, broadcast, education, enterprise, government, healthcare, hospitality, sports & entertainment, retail, worship, & telcos.

ATX’s solutions include gateways, multichannel & PEG encoding, transcoding, middleware, content streaming solutions, RF management (1.2 GHz), RF filters, transmitters/receivers, headend & MDU amplifiers, node segmentation, node/amp upgrades, monitor/control equipment, pads/EQs, digital voice switches, & connectors.

ATX's solutions enable operators to configure their networks to offer advanced services for digital TV transition, video on demand, enterprise IPTV, digital voice, high-speed data, & CATV / IPTV solutions.

ATX's success to date has been driven primarily by strong customer relationships & the proven ability to deliver innovative solutions in a timely manner. Customers include the largest cable MSOs in North America, a large number of international & regional cable operators, as well as many PVN customers.